A loan application requires that the loan seeker is creditworthy

This creditworthiness presupposes a sufficiently high income, an unencumbered Credit Bureau and permanent employment. If a customer can meet these conditions of the bank, there is nothing standing in the way of a loan for 2 people. However, there are also loan seekers who have a poor credit rating due to an income that is too small. Here, a guarantor or a second applicant can secure the loan. No matter for what reasons the loan is taken out and secured, the loan seeker must be able to pay the loan with two people.

Credit with 2 people – the location

Credit with 2 people - the location

But it is not just the small income, a second person may also be necessary if the loan is high and the term is long. Banks are happy to see a loan secured with a second person. They have two incomes that reduce the risk of default.

Banks have a duty of care towards their customers that ensures that a loan is not approved if the customer’s creditworthiness does not allow it. Because of the low income or maybe other loans and installments are due. If the latter is the case, debt restructuring could be considered.

All liabilities are combined into one loan, the customer then only has one creditor. This reduces the risk of a loan default. In addition, savings can also be made in this campaign.

In addition, the 2nd applicant brings better conditions for a loan for 2 people. However, he must be solvent and have a clean Credit Bureau before his signature under the loan agreement is valid.

The conditions to be predestined for a loan

The conditions to be predestined for a loan

In order to be predestined for a loan, there must be a sufficiently high income that is above the garnishment exemption limit and must have a garnishable portion of at least 100 USD. An example: A single person must earn a net 1,160 USD to get a loan. A four-person household must be able to prove 2,500 USD net. Everything below is not considered income by the bank.

The second applicant or a guarantor could fill this shortcoming. The more people take in a household, the more the garnishment-free limit shifts upwards. The bank can then assume that it will not be able to attach anything in the event of a loan default and will remain on its loan. Garnishments are generally only carried out when the borrower can no longer pay.

The permanent position may not be temporary and may not include a trial period. The customer’s unencumbered Credit Bureau is very important for a loan for two people. If negative entries are found, the bank can reject the loan.

In general, a self-assessment should be obtained from Credit Bureau before applying for a loan. From this, the customer can see whether he has negative entries or whether they have long been completed. These could then be deleted, which would increase the customer’s creditworthiness.

The loan for two people means that both borrowers are jointly and severally liable for the loan. If the worst comes to the worst, the bank can claim the money from both people. If, for example, one account is not covered in order to be able to pay the installments, the bank can debit its installment payment from the other account.

The bad Credit Bureau loan

The bad Credit Bureau loan

If only one borrower has a bad Credit Bureau and the Credit Bureau is unencumbered for a second applicant, the loan is nevertheless approved because the security is available with the second applicant. If both borrowers have negative entries in the Credit Bureau, the situation is such that the loan is probably not approved.

The requirements for a loan from abroad are roughly the same as for a normal loan from German banks. The income must be sufficiently high and with this form of credit the permanent employment contract is very important, it must not include a trial period. The Credit Bureau does not matter because the bank does not take any insights. The credit is also not entered in the Credit Bureau.

Anyone who thinks that serious features such as bankruptcy, garnishment, or an affidavit are in the Credit Bureau will not see the bank because they do not query the Credit Bureau, they are wrong. The bank inspects the public debt register and there it sees the hard features and will refuse the loan.


Loan for pensioners over 65 – The age of the borrower and the term do not match and no bank

Normally everyone should be proud of having reached retirement age after a long working life so that they can now enjoy well-deserved retirement. But sometimes you cannot enjoy this well-deserved retirement. Because some things that were still completely normal during working hours and that could be started without major problems are no longer so easy to handle.

This is particularly evident in the area of ​​financing. If you wanted to afford something small or large in the past, you could simply take out a loan. Such loan requests are no longer so easy to realize as pensioners. Even a loan for pensioners aged 65 and over must be looked for properly.

The house bank is usually of little interest

The house bank is usually of little interest

If you, as a pensioner, hesitantly inquire at the house bank whether a loan for pensioners aged 65 and over would be possible, then this usually weighs you down and shows little interest in financing. In most cases, the pension income seems too low and the applicant’s age too high. Although nowadays you are by no means old at 65 and you can easily live for 20 or more years.

In this connection, the fact that many people have remained loyal to their house bank for many years is particularly bitter. The hard-earned money was stored there and increased. And then the bank has no interest in a loan, even though they have known each other for so long and have worked together.

Take out a loan for pensioners over 65

Take out a loan for pensioners over 65

But there is another way. With a little help from the family, you can also take out a loan for pensioners over 65. And sometimes even at the house bank. If you offer a guarantor who is significantly younger than the applicant, the bank will be happy to take this as a security and is again much more open to a loan. A guarantor has to assume responsibility for the loan if the actual borrower can no longer do this.

It is important in this context that the guarantor has a high income and that the loan amount is not overestimated. As a pensioner, you should not want to take out a loan of over 200,000 USD with a term of 30 years. The age of the borrower and the term do not match and no bank – not even a young guarantor – would approve a loan in such a constellation.

Grab this exciting opportunity to avail credit for garden design.

A beautifully landscaped flower garden or vegetable garden is increasingly becoming the focus of garden enthusiasts. If the garden had been treated as a stepchild for a long time, it now blooms again in all its beauty. Trees, shrubs and flowers are planted, but the vegetable garden is also very trendy. Seating groups invite you to linger comfortably. Of course, a small pond with residents should not be missing. But a garden not only brings joy, it also costs money, especially when it comes to garden design. Many customers then opt for a garden design loan.

The changing garden

The changing garden

It is not only the benefit that can be drawn from a garden, it also increases the value of a property and signals prosperity. Garden design brings with it not only a question of money but also of age. If you look at the garden of young families with children, you will find sandboxes, swings and bouncy castles.

Garden design can be too complex and therefore not too expensive, because young families in particular still have a small income. Also with regard to the care of children, because these costs should not be underestimated. A small family loan is enough for young families to make the garden child-friendly.

The garden friends in the middle phase of life have children and can design the garden according to their special wishes. We are thinking of a garden house that also offers overnight accommodation for guests. The garden furniture may cost something, after all you can now afford something. The house will soon be paid for, now the garden can cost a little more. The loan for garden design will be somewhat higher at this age.

Retirement has been reached, here it starts to tweak, there you can no longer bend down properly. The garden as it was created a few years ago is now doing too much work. You decide to create the garden in an age-appropriate manner. Often this work can no longer be carried out alone and help is needed. But you still want a beautiful garden in old age and you hire a professional. However, this costs and since the pension is not too generous, a loan for garden design is thought of as a small loan.

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

For the garden design that does not cause such high costs, many customers use their disposition. Banks provide the overdraft facility to their customers who have a regular income or a pension at their free disposal. As a rule, the banks approve up to three net monthly salaries. However, the overdraft facility should only be used if it can be adjusted again soon.

The overdraft interest rate is between 12-14% and is an expensive affair. Branch banks or the house bank calculate this high overdraft interest. There is currently an absolute low interest rate phase, but it has not reached the overdraft rate. Banks make huge profits from it. If the overdraft facility can be compensated for soon, there is ultimately no reason to use it.

But experience has shown that it stops and adds up month after month until the salary or pension no longer covers it. At the latest then you should think about an installment loan, which is a lot cheaper.

A loan for garden design is actually an installment loan. The customer can visit his house bank, but as experience has shown, the house bank is not the cheapest bank, here the online bank offers much better conditions. But if you value a personal consultation, you are in good hands with the house bank.

Direct banks offer significantly better conditions on the Internet. With a credit comparison, the customer can find a suitable and affordable provider. The customer will find the best banks at the top of the list. If the decision for a provider has been made, the loan for the garden design can be made directly via the loan comparison.

Not all customers receive the interest rate that the customer sees at the individual provider. Interest is usually calculated depending on the creditworthiness, which means that whoever has a good creditworthiness also receives a favorable interest rate and vice versa. The customer gets the real interest rate with a personal offer.

Loan terms for landscaping

Loan terms for landscaping

If you are only looking for a small loan up to around 3,000 USD, you can get a small loan with an interest rate of 1.99%. The terms are found at 12 months and 36 months. The customer can choose these freely. The customer should know that a long term brings a higher interest rate, but the rates are lower and often affordable.

Anyone who decides on a correct garden design can no longer get by with a small loan. There are already up to 10,000 USD and more. A garden house on a solid foundation alone costs up to 7,000 USD and often even more depending on the equipment. The loan of 10,000 USD can be granted at an interest rate of 4.99%, regardless of the creditworthiness, the term is 60 months.

The credit rating for the loan for garden design

The credit rating for the loan for garden design

Before banks approve a loan, large or small, they check the creditworthiness of the customer. This examines the income, which should be sufficiently high and should have an attachable share of at least 100 USD. The Credit Bureau should be unencumbered and have no negative entries.

It is also important to have a permanent position that is not limited and does not include a trial period. The employment contract should exist for at least one year. Of course, a pension can also be viewed as income. A single person should earn at least 1,100 USD net. With every person living in the household, the garnishment-free limit shifts upwards.

There is no specific loan for the design. A normal installment loan can be applied for free use. If the customer turns to their house bank and they offer an acceptable loan offer, the customer can also take out the loan there. Experience has shown that the direct banks provide the better conditions. If the customer does a credit comparison, he will find that out.

Last but not least, the bank will also check the customer’s expenses in addition to the income. It compares the income with the expenditure and, in the best case scenario, there is financial scope.

The customer can apply for the loan online, simply and conveniently. If the customer can meet the conditions of the bank, the customer can receive the loan for the garden design.